What Happened !?

This phrase is quite alarming for some, yes I agree. You might asked what had APOH done for charity in 2018. Although we have been quiet for most of 2018 in blogging, we are actually in the background still working. Here is a quick run down of the two events that we did for 2018, alas mostly in pictures (a picture speaks a thousand words 🙂

A Piece Of Hope : Mt Kinabalu Charity Climb 2018

Vital statistics:
1. Date of climb: 10 – 13 November 2018
2. Number of climbers: 110
3. Number of 1st timers: 25
4. How many reached the peak: 100
5. Fastest to reach the peak: 6.10am
6. Slowest to reach the peak (..still reach what!!): n/a
7. Weather during the climb: superb!!

A Piece Of Hope : Charity Fun Adventure Hunt 2018

Vital Statistics:
1. Date of Hunt: 9 December 2018
2. Venue: Da Men Mall, USJ1
3. Number of teams: 151
4. Number of hunters: 547 (possibly biggest in Malaysia!!)
5. Fastest time to submit answers: approx. 1 hour
6. Main prize: a 50 inch LED TV

So, in summary how much did we collect for charity from the 2 events?
Total: RM 75,000
Beneficiary NGOs:
1. Beautiful Gate Puchong
2. Beautiful Gate Kepong
3. HH Centre, Ipoh

As always, we at APOH do not take a cent from all these events. We give it all to the NGOs concerned.
We would like to record our sincere thanks to all donors and participants that has made our charitable effort successful. The NGOs that you helped is indeed grateful but most of all, you had better their lives in some way or another, that is more treasurable!!
A special commendation to Rotary Club of Metro KL for being so supportive to us in 2018.
APOH charity events this year? Yes there are two. The first being the annual ‘A Piece Of Hope : Mt Kinabalu Charity Climb’ that is happening in just a few days time from 5 – 8 July. The second will be a Fun Run & Walk to be held at the end of November at MAEPS Serdang, details will be posted here very soon.
So, do support us as we continue to do Charity Together Helping Another