Cancellation of A Piece Of Hope Chapter 9 : Mt Kinabalu Charity Climb

Image of the jigsaw puzzle that was supposed to be carried by the climbers up Mt Kinabalu

It is with deep regret to formally announce that our charity climb this year is CANCELLED indefinitely due to the recent earthquake that hit Mt Kinablu on 5th June 2015. The APOH committee felt that climbing activities on Mt Kinabalu will not resume in time for our scheduled climb on 4 – 8 July 2015. Safety reasons is also quoted as one of the reasons why APOH committee chose to cancel the climb.

* image via My Kundasang

The minimum amount pledge of RM60,000 (as presented as a mock cheque and published in newspaper) will still go to Persatuan Insan Istimewa Cheras Selangor (PIICS). This amount was pre-collected from all of this year’s registered climbers. The formal fund raising activity towards the amount of RM200,000 will not happen with the cancellation of the climb. Climbers and potential donors who wish to still donate to PIICS can do so by downloading a donation form HERE.

* image via Sabah Parks

APOH salutes the Heroes of the Mt Kinabalu Earthquake, the MOUNTAIN GUIDES. They have been a great help to all of our climbers in the past 8 years of our Mt Kinabalu Charity Climb. Without them, our weaker climbers will be stuck on the summit. Our great respect to them for they had executed full and unwavering responsibility in carrying out their job. Our condolences to the four mountain guides (Robbi Sapinggi, Valerian Joannes, Ricky Masarin and Joseph Solugin) that died while carrying out their job, may you rest in peace and may your families be at peace too.

We will be collecting donation for the four mountain guides who died and will be passing it directly to their families in July. So far we have collected more than RM20,000. If you are interested to donate, please contact us at