They Gave Their All, So Let’s Give Some Back

A Piece Of Hope Chapter 9 : Mt Kinabalu Charity Climb that was to happen from 4 – 8th July 2015 has been cancelled. The committee has met and have decided to turn our efforts now to raise funds for the Mt Kinabalu Heroes, the mountain guides (malim gunung).

The earthquake on 5th June has not only damaged Mt Kinabalu but also the power to earn for the mountain guides. These mountain guides do not earn much and their work is sheer hard work. They have to leave their families at a span of time to aid climbers up and down Mt Kinabalu.
While we adorn expensive attire and gears for the climb, they just manage with simple footwear and clothing. This just show how lean their financial background is. They live a meager life but their love for the job compels them to be fully dedicated and responsible. My respect for them.
If you had experienced climbing up Mt Kinabalu you had experience one of them. Donate if possible. Please contact us or any of APOH committee or team leaders to forward your donations NOW.